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Your best alternative to Mortgage Insurance - personal life insurance. When considering where to buy your insurance you should speak to a Licensed and professional insurance broker, like me. I can evaluate your debt risks, and all other personal risks you might have. You should consider all your options, and get a policy that is guaranteed to pay your family, not the bank, if you die. Have a plan that is fully underwritten at time of application, so you know you are properly protected.

Mortgage insurance from the bank has the highest rate of denied claims in Canada. Have your bank's mortgage insurance re-evaluated- If you are currently insuring your mortgage through the bank, you should get a second opinion. It just makes sense to get something that brings much higher value for a lower cost. Contact us today to see if you can save money on your mortgage insurance by switching to personal life insurance.

Save money and get mortgage insurance that will protect you!

Our exclusive life insurance quote system has one mission: help you compare life insurance products, find the right life insurance policy and save you money. That is what we like to do – help people save money. I would be happy to leave it to that but… there’s more and it’s not pretty.

Now, I don’t want to spend too much time on this but I would not be able to sleep if I did not mention this:

The CBC Market News broadcasted a chilling story in February 6th, 2008 called Mortgage insurance: Not always a sure thing (you can view it at the top of the page). Here a two comments left by people that viewed this report about mortgage insurance:

“Erica’s investigation is truly frightening, because most people have nt automatically qualify for mortgage insurance if you were paying premiums. You don’t find out until you need to make a claim whether or not you have coverage? That’s like buying a car and not finding out if it works until they hand over the keys. Shame on the banks.” Steven Lusignan

“I cannot believe how desperate the banks have become to make – even more – money. It is sickening. My heart goes out to the families in your story.” Troy Farrel

Those are strong reactions! Here is why:

Most (if not all) the mortgage insurance sold by the banks use a technique called “post-claims underwriting”. It saves them a lot of money since they only analyze your situation IF you present them with a claim (death or disability). However, for you it could be disastrous since you will not really know if you are covered for you mortgage life and/or disability insurance until after the claim is presented.

Here is another comment from Peter Keller:

“Well they got me as well. I got my premiums back and was told that I lied. I will be getting a lawyer. Thanks for airing this story. I think they should be shut down. Let’s do it.”

This type of problem can be avoided by selecting a insurance policy that does their underwriting before they issue you a life insurance contract. That is the type of life insurance that you will find at Life Insurance Orleans.

Here are two points to remember:

  1. You probably said “YES” when your lender/bank asked you if you wanted to protect your loved ones with mortgage insurance. It was so easy and … expensive. Get a life insurance free quote here and see how much your bank/lender is charging you for mortgage insurance (with a catch) compared to personal life insurance from insurance companies. Most people save 30% to 70%.
  2. The type of mortgage insurance that we offer is the best type. They use a BEFORE CLAIMS UNDERWRITING. That means that when you receive your insurance policy you are guarenteed to be covered. They have analysed your situation and risk and have accepted to insure you. They can’t cancel your insurance contract and they have to pay!
  3. That’s it – more protection for less money. Who wouldn't like that…

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"Since I have Diabetes type II, and I'm age sixty, I was leery of the the ability to find somewhat affordable term insurance to complement some retirement planning needs my wife and I had put together. I knew that I was still in very good health and was a non-smoker, and Andrew was able to lead me with gentle persistence through the medical testing and application process to get me an affordable amount of 20 year level cost term insurance. Thank you, Andrew."

Leo J. - Ottawa

“I wanted to compliment your company on the way I was guided through the process of buying life insurance. You made it an extremely simple and pleasant experience, and the rate I was quoted was the rate I actually received. It is evident that you take great pride in your business and in satisfying customers. The personal service I received sets your company apart from other insurance companies I’ve worked with in the past.”

I will be referring all our friends to your website.

J Rosenfeld - Orleans

"When looking for insurance on the internet, I applied to your company for my insurance needs. I can state without hesitation that your personal assistance and advice is the best I have ever received. I've dealt with agents, but never have I encountered such dedicated service, impeccable advice, and a thorough knowledge of my needs...I commend you and state unequivocally my delight with you and your company. Well done! Would recommend you to whom ever would ask where to buy insurance."

Cathy S. - Kanata