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What are the advantages Of Whole Life Insurance

Advantages Of Whole Life InsuranceWhole life insurance also known as “permanent” or “straight” life insurance is one of the most applied forms of insurance. This life insurance policy covers one’s entire life. This is much in demand because of its ability to provide financial protection and accrue cash value and pay dividends to the insured. In other terms, you can say it as an investment, that you make to secure your future build up finance that helps you in your indigence.

Taking a whole life insurance policy leads to a number of benefits and advantages. Few of them are listed below.

The first advantage is The Death Benefit

The whole life insurance policy guarantees you the death benefit that never decreases. Moreover no federal income taxes are charged upon death. And if you desire, death benefit can be taken as a monthly income instead of a lump sum.

Consistency of premium level

Unlike term life insurance’s premiums, which increase at the time of renewal, the premium you pay in whole life insurance remains consistent. There’s no increase. However, use of dividends can minimize the premiums that you pay and contracted for.

“Cash value” is another beneficial feature of whole life insurance

Unlike other life insurance policies, whole life insurance policy accumulates the useable cash reserves. This increase as one pays premiums and also accumulates tax deferred. And if you decide to surrender the policy, you receive your cash values.

Participation in whole life insurance policy earns you the dividends

You are eligible to earn dividends if you own a participating whole life insurance policy. You receive this dividends in cash, which you can further use to either purchase a paid up additions, to minimize premiums or you can keep it within the policy to generate interest.

These advantages of whole life insurance policy are really worthwhile. If you are not confident you should consult with us before taking up any policy.

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Universal Life Insurance in Ontario - A Smart way to insure your life.


The world is full of unforeseen incidents and one must be well equipped for a mishap in daily life. Some people have an opinion that life insurance coverage does not have much importance in life since they are earning well and things are on better side. But sometimes a fraction of a second is enough to change things upside down. A slight slip is enough to change your entire life. Universal life insurance is there to help you to protect you from such incidents.

In most cases, it directly benefits the insured person, but in some cases like when the insured person dies, it benefits the family and the beloved ones. Being a good human being, it is our duty to ensure security for our beloved ones who depend on us. There are many types of plans available so that you can choose the one that suits your budget. If you can’t afford to go for huge sum, there are a number of small policies that help insure your life. You have the option to call an executive to help you choose the best policy.


The universal insurance polices give the most flexible plans and they cover you for the whole life. They follow a cash value system in which the money paid more than the premium by the insured person will be paid back as cash value with interest. The insured person will get interest every month. The interest is determined by the policy holder; hence, it is called flexible insurance.


There Are Mainly Three Types Of Insurance:

  • Single Insurance: Here the premium is paid annually.

  • Fixed or Flexible Insurance: This policy is for a fixed period and the premium is paid in installments.

  • Flexible Premium: This allows the insured to select the premium to be paid on due dates.




In Canada, the death cost is a part of premium and the rest portion is death benefits. This portion is disclosed by the insurer. It is better to opt for a plan in which the death cost remains standard throughout the year. Administration charges are the processing cost and the payable tax will be disclosed. After the deduction of administration charges and the mortality cost, the balance amount is invested in stock markets so that it will give revenue to the policy holder. The interest is deposited in the account of policy holder annually. The universal life insurance in Canada is the best option for those who wish to purchase a term life insurance and earn an interest on the investment regularly.