How to lower life insurance costs

Loser life insurance ratez

There are several things that people can do to significantly lower life insurance premiums:

•Quit smoking, if you are a smoker. Tobacco use reduces life expectancy, and is taken into account by life insurance companies.


•Live a healthy lifestyle that that includes regular exercise, and also excludes very high risk activities. This primarily determines whether or not you qualify for the Standard of Preferred rates.


•Consolidate multiple, small life insurance policies. Having one major policy is cheaper than many small ones.


•First-to-die permanent policies insure couples, and pays a cash benefit regardless of who is the first to pass away. This is cheaper than having one policy per spouse.


•Purchase your life insurance while you are healthy. Generally speaking the younger you are when you puchase, the cheaper the premiums will be.


•Compare, compare, compare!


•Contact us! Let the professional insurance brokers at help you to get the cheapest, best coverage that suits your particular needs.

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