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How much should I pay for life insurance?

Cheap Life Insurance Policy - We All Want To Save Money, Here's How

Is there such a thing as cheap life insurance policies? There may not be such as a thing as cheap life insurance in the market place but there are certainly a wide variety of life insurance rates. That means that there is a definite advantage to those that take the time to search for the lowest possible rate. Your ability to search for rates online is phenomenal. There is a huge opportunity out there to do your own research. The rates on life insurance depend on the type of product. There are two common forms of life insurance. There is term life insurance and there is permanent life insurance. Comparing the two can be a challenge. Comparing a combination of the two can be even more of a challenge. Why am I buying Life Insurance? That is the first question that needs to be answered. Do I want to cover a mortgage? Do I want to provide income for my family? Do I want to supplement my retirement? The reasons are more important than the rates because the reasons help you design your portfolio. What kind of life insurance do I need? Once you know the reasons that you are...

How Life Insurance Can Reduce Taxes

Smart people pay closer attention to tax minimization strategies than other people do. The fewer taxes you have to pay, the more of your money you can keep. If you are in the higher income-tax brackets, taxes are one of your biggest expenses. When you have used up the traditional tax-minimization strategies, such as investing in RRSPs and tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs), you can turn to more sophisticated approaches, such as insurance strategies and charitable giving, to reduce income taxes. Permanent Life Insurance Tax Strategies Specialized insurance strategies involve the use of permanent life insurance products, such as whole life and universal life. While these products provide life insurance protection, they also have a savings component. You can contribute substantially more than the premium of the policy, and that excess amount is invested within the policy to grow tax-free. The savings accumulated in such a policy can be used to supplement retirement income while you are still alive. Upon your death, the proceeds from the policy, including accumulated assets, can be: distributed to your estate or to beneficiaries tax-free; to cover estate tax liabilities and probate taxes; or donated to charity. If you are 10 to 15 years from retirement and...

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Online Term Life Insurance Rates - Mistakes You Can Avoid

Shopping online for a life insurance plan that fits your particular situation can be a daunting task. There are many companies that offer life insurance and each company has pros and cons. There are also different types of life plans with many different options. In addition mistakes can be made when enrolling for a life insurance plan.   Please use the following to avoid the most common pitfalls when shopping for life insurance.   Note that we highly recommend talking to a Canadian life insurance broker. It is a broker’s responsibility to know the different life insurance plans available to Canadians, and to fit an appropriate plan to a client’s particular situation.   Mistake #1: Getting the Wrong Amount of Coverage   The purpose of a life insurance plan is to protect loved ones in case the insured passes away. In order to accomplish this, however, it is critical to know how much coverage is required to protect those loved ones.   A good estimate takes into account things such as:   •How many children you have.   •Is there money set aside for your children’s education?   •How many years of replacement income would you like your family to...

How much should I pay for life insurance?

How to lower life insurance costs

There are several things that people can do to significantly lower life insurance premiums: •Quit smoking, if you are a smoker. Tobacco use reduces life expectancy, and is taken into account by life insurance companies.   •Live a healthy lifestyle that that includes regular exercise, and also excludes very high risk activities. This primarily determines whether or not you qualify for the Standard of Preferred rates.   •Consolidate multiple, small life insurance policies. Having one major policy is cheaper than many small ones.   •First-to-die permanent policies insure couples, and pays a cash benefit regardless of who is the first to pass away. This is cheaper than having one policy per spouse.   •Purchase your life insurance while you are healthy. Generally speaking the younger you are when you puchase, the cheaper the premiums will be.   •Compare, compare, compare!   •Contact us! Let the professional insurance brokers at LifeInsurance-Orleans.ca help you to get the cheapest, best coverage that suits your particular needs.   LifeInsurance-Orleans.ca

Universal Life Insurance in Ontario - A Smart way to insure your life.

The world is full of unforeseen incidents and one must be well equipped for a mishap in daily life. Some people have an opinion that life insurance coverage does not have much importance in life since they are earning well and things are on better side. But sometimes a fraction of a second is enough to change things upside down. A slight slip is enough to change your entire life. Universal life insurance is there to help you to protect you from such incidents. In most cases, it directly benefits the insured person, but in some cases like when the insured person dies, it benefits the family and the beloved ones. Being a good human being, it is our duty to ensure security for our beloved ones who depend on us. There are many types of plans available so that you can choose the one that suits your budget. If you can’t afford to go for huge sum, there are a number of small policies that help insure your life. You have the option to call an executive to help you choose the best policy.   The universal insurance polices give the most flexible plans and they cover you for the...