At Last, The Secret To Finding A Life Insurance Agent Is Revealed

Many banks, home and auto insurance agents sell life insurance. These kinds of insurance stores or sales people sell only their companies life insurance products or a select few different companies. You should find a life insurance agent that is an independent broker, bringing you, the customer, together with the insurance company. In this case, you choose the agent before you choose the insurance company.

This method seems to go against Rule 1, but actually, you haven’t yet chosen the company. You’ve chosen an agent to present you with options. Hopefully, that agent will present you with products from more than one company, allowing you to choose both the right product and the right company.

If the agent can present you with only one company, rethink your position and consider the first rule: Choose the company, not the agent. Many insurance agents think of themselves as counselors as well as sales agents. They have a variety of products to sell, one of which you’re interested in buying. The agent’s job is to help you decide which one.

Your insurance sales agent is a knowledgeable resource for you who can serve as a counselor, helping you decide which product is best for you. Therefore, you need to find someone you trust. Through an open dialogue, your agent should be able to steer you to the right product.

Beware of high-pressure tactics. Although most life insurance agents are honest, you may run across a slick, hard-sell insurance salesperson who only wants to sell you something without due concern for your needs or your budget. Check with others who have used a life insurance agent in the past, and make sure that he or she
is a licensed to sell life insurance in Ontario by checking the Financial Service Commission of Ontario.

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