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Life Insurance rate increases 0

Rates are going up September 23rd!

If you are thinking about getting life insurance you should know that Manulife announced a major rates increase (of up to 50% on certain policies) for permanent level cost (universal) life insurance effective Sept 23rd, just weeks from now.  Other carriers will surely follow. Considering the tax law changes now under review by the government, permanent life insurance will even become...

Can life insurance be an asset 0

Is Life Insurance An Asset?

For Canadians there are multiple benefits of including life insurance as an asset class to compliment your existing investments. Providing an attractive return on investment is one, but it must be structured properly. Tax Free Death Benefit Life insurance payouts to named beneficiaries bypass probate and are private, but depending on the type of policy, with the latest tax changes...

I Don't Have A Family, Should I Have Life Insurance? 0

I Don't Have A Family, Should I Have Life Insurance?

I Don't Have A Family, Should I Have Life Insurance? There are some individuals that don't have any family. Because of this, there is a grueling question on their minds as to whether or not they should invest in life insurance such as a term life policy for themselves. They don't know who to make as their beneficiaries. If the...

How does life insurance in Canada work? 0

Life Insurance in Canada: How Does It Work?

Now I bet your wondering how exactly does life insurance in Canada work and how does it provide financial security, this article will hopefully shed light on the subject. Most people who want financial security when it comes to their future invest in a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy is a contract made between the insurer and the policy...


Universal Life Insurance in Ontario - A Smart way to insure your life.

The world is full of unforeseen incidents and one must be well equipped for a mishap in daily life. Some people have an opinion that life insurance coverage does not have much importance in life since they are earning well and things are on better side. But sometimes a fraction of a second is enough to change things upside down....

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