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3 Top Life Insurance Myths 1

3 Top Life Insurance Myths Still Believed In 2018

In 2018 with all the information available to us at our fingertips - there are still myths and , misunderstanding surrounding life insurance. Life insurance is simple, right? You buy a policy to protect your family, you die, your family gets some money. Simple. Direct. Easy. Not so fast. Life insurance is much more complicated than that. This article describes...

Life Insurance rate increases 0

Rates are going up September 23rd!

If you are thinking about getting life insurance you should know that Manulife announced a major rates increase (of up to 50% on certain policies) for permanent level cost (universal) life insurance effective Sept 23rd, just weeks from now.  Other carriers will surely follow. Considering the tax law changes now under review by the government, permanent life insurance will even become...

Ottawa Life Insurance Broker 0

What Services Can I Get From A Life Insurance Broker?

The primary service of a life insurance broker is to sell insurance policies, right? Wrong. The primary service of a life insurance broker is to be a representative for one or more insurance companies, right? Wrong. The primary service of a life insurance broker is to help you find the life insurance coverage that is most appropriate for your needs as well...

Why should i use life insurance broker 0

Why Should I Go To A Life Insurance Broker?

A life insurance broker is a dedicated person that encourages and listens to the needs and wants of a person looking for life insurance. It doesn’t matter what type of life insurance you are looking for, whole or term life. A broker will be able to find suitable rates for you to choose from. When you contact a life insurance...

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