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John Hancock adds the Vitality program to all of its life insurance policies

From now on, all new life insurance policies issued by John Hancock will come with the Vitality program, which rewards healthful lifestyle choices. Existing policies will be added to the program starting in 2019.


SSQ Insurance to reimburse medical cannabis expenses

SSQ Insurance has announced that as of Jan. 1, 2019 it will be offering coverage of medical cannabis expenses, if certain eligibility requirements are met.

Mortgage Protection Insurance 0

Mackenzie Investments announces fund mergers

Mackenzie Investments today announced proposed fund mergers, subject to investor approval.


Uncertain risks on the horizon for the Canadian insurance market

A.M. Best predicts what’s coming for the industry


Grounded: Alberta gyms to limit trampoline use due to insurance concerns

Recent trampoline injuries have caused “instability” in the insurance marketplace, insurer claims


Nissan recalls nearly 240,000 vehicles over fire risk

Faulty brake pump to blame for increased risk of fire-causing electrical shorts


Universal life policyholders in dire straits as time shatters expectations

Owners of policies sold in the ‘80s and ‘90s face steeper-than-expected premiums


iA Financial Group: Denis Ricard continues Yvon Charest’s work

Denis Ricard, the new president and CEO of iA Financial Group, says he wants to continue the work to grow the company which was undertaken by Yvon Charest during his presidency.


Insurtech transactions climb to all-time high

Changes relating to life and health much more complex than other insurance segments, says report

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