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Funeral costs in Canada 0

How much does a funeral cost in Canada?

The cost of dying refers to the expenses of a funeral, burials, and the disposal of your body. How much you pay for these expenses is more than likely up to your survivors. The cost of funerals varies enormously. But on average, burials cost between $5,000 and $10,000. Cremations cost considerably less, from $2,000 to $5,000....

Seniors’ greatest financial fears are running out of money 0

What Seniors Need To Know About Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care is a major concern of Canadian senior citizens and their families. Studies have shown that Canadians rank long term care second, behind saving for retirement, when prioritizing financial needs. Unfortunately, many Canadians do not want to think about needing long term care and, therefore, fail to plan for it. Others wrongly assume that...

Seniors’ greatest financial fears are running out of money 0

Life Insurance Companies With No Medical Exam in Ottawa

Whether it your way of life, professions, sickness, lengthy techniques, tedious documentation or simply your worry of small needles that is stopping you moving forward from buying that life insurance no medical exam plan that you have always wanted, there is some great news. Get a Life Insurance With No Medical Exam Though expensive, going for...

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