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As officials give all-clear on romaine E. coli outbreak, contamination remains a mystery

Food inspectors still don't know the source of the dangerous bacteria that sent dozens of people to hospital and made more than 200 people sick in two separate incidents of contaminated romaine lettuce....


Congo reports 3 new Ebola cases in large city

Congo's health minister says three new cases of the often lethal Ebola virus have been confirmed in a city of more than 1 million people.

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Ebola outbreak in Congo not yet declared an emergency: WHO

Conditions to declare the Ebola outbreak in Congo a public health emergency haven't been met, WHO says.

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B.C. brings doctor fees for assisted dying in line with rest of Canada

Physicians said the costs involved were much greater than the $200 previously provided


Youth suicides, violence: Nunavut community of Pangnirtung calling out for help amid 'sense of desperation'

A dozen youth in a remote community in Nunavut attempted suicide this past February. The next month calls to RCMP doubled. Now, officials are descending on Pangnirtung next week after receiving a desper...

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WHO says Congo faces 'very high' risk from Ebola outbreak

Democratic Republic of Congo faces a "very high" public health risk from Ebola after the disease was confirmed in one patient in a major city, the World Health Organization said on Friday, raising its a...

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Film aims to prevent patients falling through cracks in health system

A family's efforts to improve a flawed system have culminated in a documentary about their son's preventable death.


Alternative to daily inhaler use may offer asthma sufferers a new option

People are so reluctant to take their inhaler medication for mild asthma on a daily basis that a pharmaceutical company has come up with a different approach.

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