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Clocks may go a little cuckoo with power grid change

WASHINGTON — Running late for work or just miss that bus? You could have a good excuse: Your electric clock might be running a bit cuckoo. Because of a change in federal energy regulations, some scientists say your trusty, older plug-in clock may be losing or gaining a few ticks over time. Electric clocks keep […]

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CN Rail to pay more than $1 million for violating Environmental Protection Act

MONTREAL — Canadian National Railway has been fined more than $1 million for violating the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Environment and Climate Change Canada says the Montreal-based railway pleaded guilty on Monday to importing a fuel that does not meet the requirements of renewable fuels regulations. CN Rail was fined $25,000 and ordered by the […]


Critics say US sugar program a sour deal for consumers

WASHINGTON — Food processors, soft drink manufacturers and candy makers are squaring off against the U.S. sugar industry in a familiar battle over a program that props up sugar prices. The sugar program, a web of price supports, loans and tariffs that critics say rips off consumers, is one of the key battles in this […]

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What to do if your taxes are under CRA review or audit

TORONTO — Many Canadians are watching their mailboxes and inboxes for a personal income tax refund, now that the filing deadline has passed. But instead of a welcome influx of cash, receive a dreaded notice that their file is under review or audit. When the Canada Revenue Agency starts looking your way can be anxiety-inducing, […]


Applied Systems Announces the Applied Rating Index

Canadian insurance industry’s only data-driven index to provide insight into premium rate change Mississauga, ON (May 16, 2018) – Applied Systems today announced the Applied Rating Index™, the Canadian insurance industry’s premium...