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Keep your group benefits costs low 0

Keep Your Group Benefits Costs Down

You take of your employees and yourself with a group benefits plan or maybe you are thinking about getting health and dental benefits for your growing business. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to group benefits is keeping costs low and making sure you have the coverage you and your employees need. We Save You Time & Money...

Seniors’ greatest financial fears are running out of money 0

What Seniors Need To Know About Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care is a major concern of Canadian senior citizens and their families. Studies have shown that Canadians rank long term care second, behind saving for retirement, when prioritizing financial needs. Unfortunately, many Canadians do not want to think about needing long term care and, therefore, fail to plan for it. Others wrongly assume that OHIP or standard health...


Financial Strategies for the Sandwich Generation

MoneyTips A growing number of American couples are feeling the financial squeeze from all sides — their children, their parents and each other. They have been dubbed the “sandwich generation” because they face a wide range of different kinds of financial pressures from both the prior and next generation. For starters, there’s the pressure many couples face just to...

Tips on buying good travel insurance 0

Tips on buying good travel insurance

Buying good travel insurance encompasses suitability, reliability and price. If you fall sick or are involved in a debilitating accident while travelling, it is a bit of a double whammy. Not only do you suffer financially through possible medical or hospital expenses, your travel plans are disrupted, often resulting in financial disappointment from non-refundable accommodation, tours, airfares and others. Lost...


Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes 101

MoneyTips It can be a sobering and painful time when you realize that one of your family members requires some form of senior care. Your choices can seem overwhelming and hard to understand. Home care options are available through home healthcare services, and respite care (adult daycare) options are available for part-time assistance if you are the current...

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