No more nicotine testing for smokers for life insurance

If you have been waiting to apply for life insurance because you didn't want to pay the same high rates as smokers, then this is good news. No more nicotine testing for smokers when applying for life insurance! Not only that but there is no eliminate blood or urine testing for eligible applicants seeking up to one million dollars in life insurance coverage.

Now, more than half of its life insurance applicants will be able to skip this time-consuming and invasive testing. To improve your experience and making it faster and easier to buy insurance, Manulife has taken one more step in our journey to modernize insurance.

We are the first Canadian insurer to eliminate blood, urine AND now nicotine testing for eligible applicants aged 18 to 40 seeking up to $1 million dollars in individual life insurance coverage, including whole life and universal life products.

How are they able to do this?

By analyzing data, we can predict the likelihood that somebody is a smoker based on application forms, without meeting with a paramedical professional who tests for nicotine. We determine the cases that we believe require testing, while simplifying the application process for more than half of applicants.
This is designed to help you attract clients as it allows us to make the insurance buying process easier and faster for customers.

Don't pay smokers rates

To apply today please give me a call at 613-286-6841 or visit to get a quote for as a non-smoker. Save your money and time by skipping the testing and paying the lowest rate.

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