Keep Your Group Benefits Costs Down

Keep your group benefits costs lowYou take of your employees and yourself with a group benefits plan or maybe you are thinking about getting health and dental benefits for your growing business.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to group benefits is keeping costs low and making sure you have the coverage you and your employees need.

We Save You Time & Money

Life offers a value-added service to you by:

  • Negotiating and leveraging directly with our selected group carriers partners
  • Providing client-ready solutions for your group benefit needs
  • Ensuring we match your business needs with the best carrier fit

Our Back Office Support services include:

  • Marketing comparative analysis of plan design and rates
  • Six Month Claim Experience
  • Complete renewal analysis including pricing evaluation and negotiations
  • Health and dental cost containment strategies

What is Included in Group Benefit Plans?

Here is brief list of some of the coverage included with group benefits.


Extended Health Programs:

Why Talk to About Your Group Benefits?

If you have a plan in place or thinking about getting an employee benefits plan you need to give us a call. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Determine your business's objectives regarding your group benefits program and identify gaps that exist with any current coverage
  • Explain the process – plan design, market search, comparison and analysis of options and recommendations

As an independent broker we work for you determine your needs and then go over a marketing comparative analysis to help you choose the best plan for you and your employees.

We know your busy running your business so let us handle the hard work for you by designing, shopping the insurance companies, setting up and monitoring the group benefits plan.

Group Benefit Plan Service

We don't disappear after the plan is set up. We continue to provide service to you and your employees by answering any questions you may have and by providing a yearly renewal analysis and rate negotiations with the carrier.

If you have a plan or thinking about getting one and are concerned about increasing employee benefits rates and getting the best plan for your money contact us today.







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