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Boomers Need to Address Long-Term Care Needs 0

Boomers Need to Address Long-Term Care Needs

A new study by the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) shows that baby boomers need to pay attention to the very real possibility they may need long-term care. The reason: escalating long-term care costs. "Long-Term Care Insurance or Medicaid: Who Will Pay for Baby Boomers' Long-Term Care?" sounds the alarm on a potential national long-term...

Reasons to talk about inheritance with your children 0

Reasons to talk about inheritance with your children

According to a CIBC Economics study from last year, Canadians can expect a $750 billion windfall from inheritance over the next decade. It’s a record amount, and a 50 per cent increase compared to the previous decade. But when $750 billion changes hands it can create a lot of tension. In talking to older clients, one comment...

Reasons to talk about inheritance with your children 0

An Estate Bond helps give more money to your family and less to the government

Like many Canadians, your financial plan may include a portion of savings that you never plan to spend. You have invested some money that you intend to pass on to those you care about most: your spouse, children and grandchildren. The problem is this strategy’s success is largely based on the investment’s rate of return. And,...

Critical Illness Insurance 0

Group Critical Illness Insurance - The Cheaper Alternative To Keyman Insurance

If you manage a small business you'll dread the possibility of the keyman of your team being seriously ill or dying. Apart from the personal upset, your business would be hit hard. Sales or production could take a dive, key skills could be lost and the general pace of the business could fall. All this costs...

Insurance Business Awards 0

Andrew W Bradley is a Finalist for 2017 Insurance Business Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Andrew W Bradley Finalist for THE EMPIRE LIFE AWARD FOR LIFE & HEALTH ADVISOR OF THE YEAR in the 2017 Insurance Business Awards Ottawa , Ontario — [November 20, 2017] – For the second year in a row Andrew W Bradley was announced that he has been selected as a Finalist for THE EMPIRE...