Can you find affordable dental insurance in Canada?

Affordable Dental Insurance

Medical treatment – both health and dental is extremely expensive and there a lot of expenses that OHIP does not cover . Compare the two and you will find that dental insurance is more affordable and cheaper than health insurance. It may often go overlooked, but dental insurance is something that every individual needs to think about. In the event of a sudden toothache, the need for a regular checkups or cleaning and even possibly oral surgery, dental insurance is a must.

Why is Dental Insurance Affordable?

Dental insurance is affordable because it is designed to provide preventive care and this helps to eliminate chances of major problems. Unlike health insurance, whereby plans need to cover expensive tests,  prescription medication, multiple treatments, and dangerous diseases. Dental insurance covers treatments that are preventive by nature and even if treatment becomes essential, the diagnostic tests require little more than x-rays, and a thorough examination by the dentist.

Why is Dental Insurance Important?

If you have a family then dental insurance also makes economic sense. People will find that in any family, there will be members who will need to see the dentist at some time or the other. It can be children who need their cavities to be filled or one of the parents that need a root canal. If nothing else, regular visits to the dentist keep teeth in good condition, whether it is bleeding gums or teeth requiring topical fluoride treatment. Routine cleanings can prove to be affordable, if covered by dental plans. Otherwise, a visit to a dentist, apart from being a painful experience, can also end up digging a deep hole in the pocket.

Unlike life or health insurance, the cost of dental insurance isn’t particularly affected by age. While it’s true that a patient’s past oral health may be in question, it is much easier to get than other types. In most instances, a new dental insurance policy will not cover previously known conditions. In other words, you could not find out that you have an impacted wisdom tooth and then sign up on a new dental plan to get the coverage for a procedure. The patient is required to disclose any previously known condition(s).

If you want to find out how much dental coverage would cost for you click on this link to get a quote and you can even apply for coverage right now online.





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